The Dealer Locator tool is an application on the consumer website that allows consumers to find you.

The locator has the ability for a homeowner to determine the mileage search radius the application uses to search for dealers from the center of the zip code. A consumer may either expand or further constrain the number of miles from the center of a zip code the Locator will use to “find” dealers in the consumer’s location.

For those dealers that already have a presence on the Internet and would like their personal website linked from the Dealer Locator (provided the dealer website follows all the guidelines and each dealer must have their distributor’s approval to be linked) then Locator Link is for you. For a one-time $60 fee, your website will be audited. If the content on the site conforms to the brand standards, and no competitive logos or product information is listed, the link between the Dealer Locator and the personal website will be connected. All websites that are linked will be audited annually. If they fall out of compliance, the dealer will be notified and given the opportunity to correct any issues.

Sign up by requesting a website audit from Sequoia.