Join us for an in-depth session to better understand the BAA, BABA, and DPAS regulations, their impact on federal projects, and how to ensure compliance.

August 19, 2024

Phantom Canyon Brewing Company
2 Pikes Peak Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Cheyenne Room


Introduction to BAA and BABA
Overview of the Buy American Act (BAA)
Key regulations and compliance

Learning Objectives
Understanding BAA and DPAS
Key sections: FAR 52.225-9 and FAR 52.225-11
Information for vendors and waiver rationales

History and Comparison
BAA vs Buy America Act

Roles and Responsibilities
Roles of project teams, federal end users, and manufacturers

Compliance and Non-Compliance
Costs and repercussions

Build America, Buy America (BABA)
Requirements and standards

Defense Priorities & Allocations System (DPAS)
Explanation and application