Alex G – Marketing/Pricing Admin.

Started January 2019

I have loved every minute of working at Lohmiller & Co. From the moment I started, I knew I had found a good place to be. Everyone was so welcoming and went out of their way to get to know me. The company invests a lot of time, energy and money in their employees. It is so nice working for a company that truly cares for me. I have been trained on anything that is expected of me and have a great support system. This is a strong team, everyone works together and wants to see each other succeed just as much as they want to personally. I think the strong and positive culture really enforces this teamwork. Not only does this benefit us but it benefits each one of our customers. The attention and support we give to our customers starts with the great culture we have within the team. We believe in this company and our customers see that, so they believe in us too.

Brenda E – Credit Manager

Started February 2013

I was referred to Lohmiller and Company by a trusted colleague, when I was not actively searching for employment.  What attracted me to the company are the strong ownership and management values of integrity and fairness.  One of the other key pride points  is support, training and development of the staff.  The company stands out in recognizing and promoting ambitious people from within.

Tianna J –  Sales Rep

Started May 2015

I love working for Lohmiller because of the contagious company culture, the growth opportunities Lohmiller has provided for my family and I, and the outstanding customer service presented on each level of our company.

Holly S –  Call Center Manager

Started July 2012

I love working at Lohmiller & Company because they are family oriented and care about each of us as employees, as human beings. I am given the opportunity to grow within and outside of work daily because of our company. I can impact the outcomes of our customers and our customer’s customers’ as well as employees within our work place that also can impact our customers within the community daily. We provide comfort for those that may have little which impacts our entire community.

Our company encourages learning, teaching, and being responsible for our community. We are encouraged to be better today than yesterday and that encourages accuracy in our daily obligations as human beings and responsibility for our outcomes. I have never worked for a company that actually said what they would do and followed through with it. We are Lohmiller & Company and I am proud to be part of this family.

Vicki G – Inside Sales Assistant

Started May 2013

It is great to feel appreciated for your contributions, I also like the encouragement to come up with new ideas. Lohmiller is focused on an improved culture for employees intended on benefitting us in and outside of the work place.