Increase your professionalism while streamlining your proposal process!

Create unlimited, customized proposals for each homeowner.  Input your costs, desired profit, and financing needs and let Lohmiller Proposals do the calculations for you.  building a customized proposal is easy with Lohmiller Proposals.  Show your homeowners the system they need on one simple, easy to understand page.

One of the greatest challenges an HVAC company has is following up with homeowners.  Making the time to reach out is never easy, but how else will you  know if they need more information or if they  bought from a competitor.  Lohmiller Proposals automates many of the tasks and allows you to communicate with your customer on a consistent basis.  From the first email expressing gratitude for the opportunity to that final email thanking them for their business, Lohmiller Proposals talks to your homeowners when you don’t have the time.

Here are just some of the benefits of Lohmiller Proposals

  • Universal Database of images, descriptions and engineering data
  • 6 step load analyzer tied to tax record database
  • 5 step wizard for equipment database
  • On the fly proposal creation – No template needed!
  • AHRI certificate number on the proposal
  • Automated email follow-up
  • 4 option proposal with merchandised products
  • Dashboard for sales tracking
  • Downloadable customer data