Welcome to SiteLink™ Product and SiteLink Media Content Manager

Your direct connection to automated factory website Product updates and Access to the video library.

Why Use SiteLink Content Manager?

Having current and compelling product information and videos on your website is key to converting your website visitors to becoming your customers. Keeping up to date on the latest product information is difficult and time consuming. Having high-quality videos on your website is informative and enhances the professional image of your website. With SiteLink product manager and SiteLink media manager you can have your problems are solved!

How Does it Work?

Both SiteLink product and media managers create embed codes for the content you choose to use. You need only to have your website content manager paste the codes into your site. Once that is done, the feeds for video and/or product information is automatic.

Site Link Product Manager

SiteLink product manager keeps your website product information up-to-date. You control the when, what, and where of the information feed to your website. You will have an intuitive interface where you can select available product feeds, and from that point on, whenever the factory makes an update to the information on their site, your site is also updated.

SiteLink Media

Once you subscribe to SiteLink media manager you have access to a large number of videos that have all been professionally produced. You choose which videos you want to display on your website, and then use the embed codes wherever you want each video displayed within your website. Whether you use one or ten videos, you will only be charged a low monthly fee of just $5. It’s that easy.